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Corporate sales training is vitally important to any type of business. New business development is key to the growth of a company. Bottom line results are what matters, but too many organizations get lost in excitement over potential. Don’t get me wrong, potential is great… but it does not equal results. If you have come to this page you are seeking corporate sales training programs. Thom Singer has worked with many companies, and spent over five years working directly with lawyers on their law firm sales training.

Law Firm Sales Training

Law firms (or other professional services firms) seek business development and sales customized training. Professional services folks are not the same as most sales professionals, as they do not see selling skills as the most important part of their career (although they might be).

Selling is a unique skill set. Working with attorneys is not always the same as training other professionals. Thom Singer spent 5 years in legal marketing and business development with two AM LAW 100 firms. Part of his role was to be the sales person for the firm, but more important was training sales skills to the attorneys. While he works with people in all industries as a sales speaker, Thom likes working with law firms and accounting firms.

After leaving the legal business, Thom began speaking at partner retreats and association educational programs. Helping attorneys understand the sales process and how to engage with clients has been a highlight of his career.

Professional Service Firms

Professional services firms struggle with connecting with the right sales coaching to the right people. The sales trainers they use often pander to the client, and it makes their training events less effective. Thom Singer makes people focus on results.

Too many professionals are nervous about the idea of selling. They argue that their firm is not a “sales organization” and they skoff at looking at their practice group as a sales team. But the most effective companies (no matter what industry) realize that sale is the lifeblood of their organization. Corporate sales training solutions are ideal for law firm sales training.

Sales Matters

All businesses must have strong business development or they will fail. A firm without new clients is quickly out of business. After working with Thom Singer, many lawyers say “I wish I had learned these ideas years ago”. He gets them fired up to create a way to grow their book of business.

Thom Singer customizes his corporate and law firm sales training to ensure your team will become clearly focused on their individual and team potential. Success comes when your person on the team creates their own plan to grow your organization and their career.

The Paradox of Potential

This program is built around a focus on reviewing and understanding the power of potential. He then shows everyone customized steps to manage their own potential, while respecting the different paths of all their co-workers. This is not one size fits all training.  Potential excites us, but that is why it is a paradox. Potential does not equal performance.  This is where the right understanding of goals, love of work, and the people you surround yourself with begins to show results.

Sales is not a bad word. No business happens without new customers, thus sales is the sweetest word you can find.

Is your organization looking for a sales trainer who will create an engaging program for your team? Hire Thom Singer for your next firm meeting.

Also offering one-on-one business development coaching for lawyers.

Thom Singer is a sales motivational speaker and professional event host. He is the author of 12 books and has an entrepreneur podcast (Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do).

Podcast Episode 456 – Sales Success.