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A sales motivational speaker for your sales kick off may be the right fit for your team meeting.  Thom Singer is a sales motivational speaker who is focused on helping each member of your sales team discover their potential. Learn more about working with Thom or your next sales kick-off or other motivational sales training. Bring in the sales motivational speaker who is focused on getting your people from potential to performance.

The Performance Gap: How To Overcome The Paradox of Potential

Potential is great, but it is not the same thing as performance . Thom Singer has surveyed and interviewed over 1000 people about their views of potential and the results they achieve in their jobs. Most people admit that they are coming up short based on their own self-assessment. We get very excited about employee knowledge and opportunity, but does that matter if it is not leading to sales?

Leading your team to actionable strategies and bottom line building activities are the key to a successful sales motivational speaker. Yet the training should also be fun. Thom Singer is a sales speaker who creates programs that get people to think, take action, and enjoy the process.

With a twenty year career in sales and marketing, Thom Singer is aware that new business development is the key to the growth of every company. Thus he treats his role as a sales motivational speaker very seriously and will work with your team to create an interactive program. The focus of the whole meeting will be about each person (and the team’s) potential and creating a path to get more results.

The Best Sales Motivational Speakers Get People To Take Action

Sales professionals want something new. The same type of training with an old-school sales expert teaching time management and career management are great. But your sales team needs to focus on “Potential Management”. This means looking at each person as a unique contributor, and setting their sales strategy based on their own unique strengths.

Plans, Passion, and People

Plans. Without sales goal (and personal goals) the individual and the company will never increase sales. Understanding what success looks like for everyone involved is an important step toward achieving top sales.

Passion. If someone does not like their job, they will always struggle to be a peak performer. The world today has too many distractions, and a passion for work is necessary to improve results.

People. All opportunities, for the salesperson and the company come from people. Networking and reputation management are as important as prospecting and customer service.

Thom Singer’s Focus on Potential Leads To Action When He is Selected as your Sales Motivational Speaker

Thom will share with your audience how to focus and manage potential and apply that to executing on the sales process. A clear plan and action oriented strategy is the key to selling in today’s heavily distracted world. As a sales motivational speaker he is all about hitting the reset button in any team member who is stuck. A great business speaker knows how to inspire and connect with the people in the audience.
The Gap is Real

The gap between potential and performance is true for individuals and organizations. It is common to see a startup or established company with high levels of potential, only to later have mediocre results. While it is not possible to achieve full potential (as once you get there, new opportunities will appear that create more opportunity), the efforts to bridge the gap will not happen by accident. Nobody should be comfortable relying on luck as the answer to their future.

Hire Thom Singer

If you are seeking a sales motivational speaker for your next team meeting, contact Thom Singer at his website – / (512) 970-0398 or via your favorite speakers bureau. Thom Singer is an experienced plenary speaker who will set the tone for your event and get people focused on sales success.

As you sales speaker her will combine a lifetime of experience in sales and marketing with his expert skills as a storytelling speaker.

Having a larger meeting / convention? Thom Singer is a funny keynote speaker and professional EmCee.

7 Sale Motivational Speaker Tips:

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #1.

Have a strategy. Thom is honest that he has spent too much of the last decade relying on word of mouth. While this has worked well, hoping the phone will ring is NOT a strategy. Thus he now has a plan in place that is changing up how he acts on a daily basis. This involves things from content marketing to picking up the phone and calling every past client from the past five years.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #2.

Your attitude matters. Failure is not an option, and feeling sorry for your past failures is not going to bet you to new results. Thom encourages everyone to believe in their products and services and to believe in themselves. But cautions that having a thick skin is key in sales, as some people are going to say “NO”. A rejection is not personal, it was just not the right fit for that client, and each “NO” brings you closer to the next “YES”.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #3.

Understand your clients. We cannot tell people what they want to buy. If we want to sell (and we all want to sell), we need to analyze what the client needs and wants. We also have to understand that there might be more than one constituency within each client.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #4.

Visibility / Findabililty / Social . The world of connecting with people and showing up on their “Short List” is not about one thing. SEO, word of mouth, reputation ,etc…. all are intertwined. To get success we cannot ignore any of these and must get them all working together.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #5.

Network. All opportunities come from people. When you take the time to actually get to know people in a face-to-face setting, you will build real relationships. Like, links, shares and follows are good, but the people who sell the most have cultivated long-term and mutually-beneficial connections.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip # 6.

Take action and have accountability. Ideas alone are not enough. To get more sales you have to take actions. Thom is all about actions in 2019 and thinks you can be too. He also share the importance having people who will hold you accountable and check in on your progress. Great sales professionals do not live alone on an island.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #7.

Know your purpose and be a giver. You have to have more than a “Why”. Too many sales professionals are focused on their “why”, but your why is often very self focused. If your purpose is all self centered you will eventually run out of steam, as people are tired of takers. Find a reason to serve your community and be a giver.


The best way to know if Thom Singer is the right motivational sales speaker is to get on the phone and have a conversation.  Call now.  512-970-0398