STEPHEN WARLEY – Life Skills That Matter

Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley teaches people the life skills that matter for business.

His mission is to relieve people of their work anxieties by empowering them to design their own work.

He used to be chronically anxious and stressed out about work because it wasn’t satisfying, it wasn’t meaningful, it wasn’t making him financially independent, it controlled too much of his time and it prevented him from living the lifestyle he wanted to live. Sound familiar?

Then he designed his lifestyle to work on his own terms. Today Stephen is happily unemployable. He has come to realize there are two paths in life:

1) The one you really want to do (the one your inner voice is begging you to do).

2) The one you think you are supposed to do (the one your family, peers or society expect you to do).

Unfortunately, most of us take the path we think we are “supposed to do”. Why?

Because the evolutionary fear of losing the acceptance of others is often more powerful than the desire to strike out on our own.

Stephen wants to empower you to stop living up to the ideals of others and to start living up to your own ideals.

Once your work is in alignment with your needs, motivations, abilities and values your chronic stress will melt away because you will finally be working in harmony with yourself.

He believes that is possible intentionally designing your own work.

Your life is the sum of your habits. You are what you do. Transforming your lifestyle begins and ends with transforming your habits around your purpose.

To begin changing your habits, you need self-knowledge. You need to learn about yourself by identifying your patterns through a process of self-experimentation. Each week I send out self-improvement challenges to help you begin your journey of lifestyle transformation.

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Stephen Warley wants to make your work, work for you. Remember, it’s possible.

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