Valkyrie CEO Charlie Burgoyne

This episode is co-produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council, the largest tech industry organization in Central Texas. The ATC empowers members by using insights, resources, and connections to help their members need to succeed and thrive. Listen to Charlie Burgoyne, founder and CEO of Valkyrie Intelligence.

About Charlie Burgoyne

Charlie Burgoyne is the founder & CEO of Valkyrie Intelligence, a consulting firm with domain expertise in applied science and strategy. He is also a managing partner for Valkyrie Signals, an AI driven hedge fund based in Austin, as well as the Chairman of the Board for Valkyrie Labs, an AI product company. Charlie leads a team of highly trained scientists and strategists to implement advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence into industrial processes and consumer products. Previously, Charlie held a variety of roles including Principal Director of Data Science at Frog Design, Director of Data Science at Rosetta Stone, Vice President of R&D for a government contracting firm specializing in cybersecurity and machine learning, a research physicist for the DOE and NNSA, and a research astrophysicist for NASA in conjunction with George Washington University. Charlie holds a master’s degree in theoretical physics from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in nuclear physics from George Washington University.

About Valkyrie:

Valkyrie Intelligence is a strategic data science consultancy that transforms markets and drives measurable strategic impact for clients by applying cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to critical challenges across a variety of industries

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