Dara Zycherman launched Less Equals More to help you simplify while enriching your life. Through downsizing and organizing your home, we focus on creating efficient and easy life systems. All this work begins at the core: What are your goals? What is your center? This fearless digging addresses emotional blocks, releases the past, and allows us to reconstruct a home space that supports your dreams and everyday needs.

When you do the real work and change your mindset, keeping an organized and simple home is easy. With less distraction, you have room for more meaning in your life.

Through yoga, Dara centered herself and looked inward. Yoga practice allowed her to build strength, explore her creativity, and find her true north. 

As a minimalist, she does this at home and through her business – Less Equals More. She helps clients center themselves in order to downsize and organize their homes. Dara ensures their space reflects their values by focusing on their core.

With her space cleared, she can focus on one of her passions: music. She makes music to exercise the creativity she strengthened during yoga and to put words and sounds to her life. Getting up to sing in front of an audience can be a bit overwhelming- like organizing a home or attempting a headstand. Putting ourselves out there brings an excitement to life, as risk tends to do.

Everyone has unanswered interests, hobbies, and passion projects that only have room to grow when there are less distractions. Dara encourages you to find your center and strengthen your core, through your body and mind, so you can clear out space in your home, create, and enjoy life.

Build your life around meaning.

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