Networking in times of COVID is an very important subject for companies whose sales are based on human connections.  People will always choose to do business with those they know, like, and trust.  But social skills are like muscles…. if not worked out they will atrophy.  Since March 2020 many people have been waiting out the quarantine with hopes that it would end soon.  This was going to be a few weeks, then months, and now it looks like the impact of people having to social distance could be years in the making.  So smart companies are looking at what networking in the times of COVID means to their bottom line, both now and in the future.

Networking in times of COVID abd quarantine should be the hottest topic in business. What if your competition is doing a GREAT job of networking and cultivating relationship? How sad would you be in a year when we get back to a “normal” world and all your sales pipeline has dried up and your competitor is the best connected person in your industry?

We are 4 months into this world of work from home and the hibernation of live events. Networking as we knew it (which is an important piece of business success, sales, job search, etc…) came to a halt. However a world without networking is a world with less opportunities. While not everyone is into the idea of networking, many people have used their ability to build connections as their path to success.

Networking is still important. I have spent years working with event planners as “The Conference Catalyst” – and I know that it is the human to human engagement that makes the difference between a seminar and an experience. Even with online gatherings, we need to focus on networking in the age of COVID. Networking in the times of COVID cannot be left to chance.

While virtual events are okay, they do not replace the power of human connections. Many people feel isolated and are worried about staying relevant in a world where opportunities come from relationships with people.  Plus, there is so much fatigue with online networking.  And it often comes up short. There is not enough one-to-one, the tech creates issues, and people often have no idea how to network in this new virtual world.

I took the essays from my book “The ABCs of Networking” and made the above short video (also available on YouTube) about “Networking in the Times of COVID”. The ABCs of Networking is one of my best selling books, and the short essays all still hold true over a decade after they were written. Times change and technology changes… but the power of networking remains the same.

Creativity, Others, Vision, Intensity, and Determination. They are all relevant if you are seeking to stay connected, group your network, and be ready for future opportunities.

Learn more about having me speak at your next event. Is it a virtual conference? No problem. My presentation on “Social Tightening While Social Distancing” has been a big hit during the quarantine months. Your people need to stay connected or they will suffer later. All opportunities come from people.  You can and should be networking in the times of COVID.

Networking in the times of covid - Thom Singer

Thom Singer works in executive search and he is an accomplished professional speaker.  He is known as the Human Connection Catalyst…. and knows that all opportunities come from people.  Learn more on LinkedIn or his website at