Get Past Failure

Are your 2019 Goals are to do more than you did in 2018?  Was last year a failure, or did you feel disappointment in your results?

Many people are glad to see 2018 end. While some had record years with lots of celebrations, others had trials and tribulations that left last year coming up short from their expectations. It is common to not meet your goals.  If you 2019 goals are to get in gear and do more than you did before, then this episode of “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” is a MUST LISTEN.

Thom Singer is honest that 2018 was not great. It was not horrible, but he came us short in business and is ready to launch into 2019 with a fresh perspective. So many people just want to show their success (even if they made it up) that it can leave you feeling like you suck compared to others. Thom is straight forward that he missed his target for the year, and he has to get past the stumble to do more in the new year.

If you can relate, then this episode is one to download now on iTunes.

Thom has 7 tips for making a fresh start in 2019:

1. Learn from your hard-knocks in 2018

2. Take action now.

3. Don’t dwell on the mistakes you made.

4. Set goals.

5. Try New Things (

6. Build your network.

7. Be realistic.

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Thom is all about making 2019 “The Year of Human Connection”…. and it starts with you.

Check out this episode!