The Webinar Talk Show

The Webinar Talk Show is a program that Thom Singer has co-created with Eliz Greene to help companies and associations deal with the abundance of talking head webinars.

The Webinar Talk Show - Take virtual events to a new level. Virtual Conference - Virtual Events - Hybrid Conference -

From the moment that “Social Distancing” began and people stopped gathering at conferences (and at the office) there has been a deluge of webinars being offered by companies, associations, and individuals. Some of these are better than others, but after weeks of watching talking heads in video boxes, there is a webinar fatigue that is setting in for some people.

The Webinar Talk Show Is All About Engagement

How can we make content more engaging? Move from a sage pontificating to an interactive and engaging interview style with “The Webinar Talk Show”. Thom Singer and Eliz Greene will create a customized series of interviews for an association or a company to help them share important information and ideas, while keeping it light, engaging, and fun.

Not every speaker is experienced or well suited to present in an online format. Six years ago Thom and Eliz created “The Conference Talk Show” to help meeting planners who were hosting Hybrid Conferences to create engaging content for their at home / remote audience. This high energy format of interviews brought a different vibe than simply live-streaming the keynotes.

The Webinar Talk Show takes the power of the Conference Talk Show and creates a fresh way to showcase the experts in your company and industry. The talk show style interviews are customized for each client and the specific subject matter expert.  Much like a well done morning talk show or your favorite podcast, the ability to deliver information in a conversation beats a data dump of facts and figures.

Experienced Facilitators / Hosts

Eliz Greene and Thom Singer both have an strong background in facilitating meetings and interviewing experts.  They have a natural style of putting people at ease and getting them open up and share their ideas, thoughts and concepts. Eliz has run countless live on-stage panel discussions and Thom has interviewed hundreds of people on his two popular podcasts.  Both have served as EmCee in live and virtual environments.

Let them transform your next webinar into an engaging experience for all the participants with a talk show style to rival Kelly and Ryan.

If you want something unique for your webinars, virtual conferences, online videos, and company communication videos – check to see if this format is a good fit.

For more information on The Webinar Talk Show, contact Thom Singer or Eliz Greene.