Sales Kick Off Speaker - 2020. Sales kickoff speaker, Thom Singer.

Unbelievable that it is June 2019 and I am already getting calls to speak at “Sales Kick Off” meetings for 2020. The year is going fast, and it is time to start forecasting numbers for the new year. Setting expectations while working on the strategy and goals is only part of your purpose for a sales kick off. Getting the team working together and connected is paramount to success. You need to plan now to find a sales kick off speaker who will help you get the message crafted for next year.

Are you are a sale manager and you are planning sales kickoff event for 2020? I want to be the sales speaker who gets your sales reps talking about the how to excel. As your sales kick off speaker I will provide thought provoking content, real actionable motivation, and a little dash of fun and funny.

Sales Team Motivation

Sales strategy, presentation skills, and goal setting all matter in ways to motivate your team. We too often forget that even the top reps and sales leader may need to get a little kick in the pants. But top performers do not want to go to listen to a sales kick off speaker who is just tossing out basic or rah-rah fluff. Sales team motivation cannot be an afterthought, but is a main part of the purpose of your meeting.

“Atttain the Possible: The Paradox of Potential” is customized in a way that no matter what level each person on your team is at, this training is for them. My goal is to let team members find their own place along the journey from potential to performance. This is not a “role play” exercise of closing skills sales training. This is skills development that is unique to the plans, passion, and people that impact each sales professional on your team.

Sales Kickoff Agenda

As you are planning your sales kickoff meeting, where to put the outside sale speaker is always a question that stumps the manager. I suggest you let me kick off the day, as I will set the tone for an open discussion. Your sales organization is unique, and how your people will grab hold of the message will vary. Your sales kick off most likely will have internal discussions, product updates, and information specifically designed for your sales people. But the message of potential and be the foundation for the entire meeting.  Everything that is on the agenda needs to be about sales success, and I will help you get that done.

If you have a larger team, I am happy to stay for the day and help with a breakout session or to be the master of ceremonies for any awards ceremonies, etc…. A sales kick off speaker should do more than speak and leave.

About Thom Singer

My whole career has been in sales and marketing. I have been to countless sales kick off meetings (as a sales professional, marketing manager, and as a sales speaker). My goal as your sales speaker is to engage your team and start a discussion about performance and results that continues long after the meeting is over.

Since 2009 I have been working as a speaker and trainer for association conferences, company client events, and internal company meetings. I have presented to over 850 audiences across the United States and beyond.

My work with sales teams is among my favorite work. If you are planning a sales kick off and are seeking a sales speaker, call me today.

Thom Singer is a motivational speaker and professional EmCee. He is the host of a popular entrepreneur podcast and is the author of 12 books.